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Mark D. Cook Experienced

In 2012, Mark won his election bid to serve on the Duncanville City Council and served one-term as Mayor Pro-Tem. Mark currently holds a seat as Board President for Duncanville Economic Development and an alumni of the Duncanville Police Citizens Academy.

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Mark D. Cook Community Envolvement

Mark recently organized a community "Build a Bike Project" to promote unity in Duncanville. Residents and community partners presented 6-bicycles to local students just before Christmas. Mark hopes to achieve a higher goal for the project this year and propose bike lanes connecting city parks to other city parks.

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Quality of Life

Mark D. Cook Quality of Life

A few months ago, Mark conducted a Facebook survey asking if Duncanville residents thought smoking should be allowed in public areas. Duncanville City Council approved A Smoke free Duncanville ordinance after staff conducted research and a large number of citizens supported the ordiance.

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